Brimfield or bust!

At this time on Monday, we will be somewhere in the vicinity of this magical place:

We last went on a Brimfield, MA antiquing adventure two years ago, and neither of us can believe that much time has passed since we scored so many fabulous goodies!

Although Noelle was a candidate for Wayward Women our last trip to Brimfield, there is no need for us to worry this trip. (heehee!)

One of Beverly’s favorite purchases from the last trip are the Necco Jars that are now used in the kitchen for flour and sugar. Huck the cat seems to like them, too! You can’t really see them, but she also scored a pair of sweet chairs that are in the right side of the pic.

We can’t wait to see what this visit has in store for us, so keep checking back (check out our Facebook page, too!) as we post pics, updates, and such! Yahooooo and wheeeee!


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