“what is it?” 62 – the answer

Howdy friends! We are back from our Brimfield trip, and gathered LOTS of fun stuff and stories for future issues. We are playing catch-up on our office work, but just remembered that we needed to post the answer to the weekly puzzle. This week was a tough one we thought (for those of you who didn’t see our accidental sneak peek of the premature answer!).

The item this week is a hand warmer. This one has a little red felt drawstring pouch that it slides into to protect your hand from the extreme heat from the low flame. I told Noelle that I don’t know how I used these for ice skating without ever catching my coat pocket on fire!

Isn’t is fun to reflect on the items from our past that we once thought were so clever? Please feel free to leave us a comment with one of your memories!

To read the guesses, scroll down to the bottom of our previous post.

Happy weekend, everyone!


4 thoughts on ““what is it?” 62 – the answer

    • This worked very similarly to a butane cigarette lighter. The base was filled with lighter fluid, the wick was lit, and the little flame would last for quite awhile! They work much better than those chemical packs that are being sold now.

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