Summer Sunflower Punchneedle

We have gardening on our minds, and thought it would be nice to share a blast from the past. We featured this project in the August 2009 issue of Create & Decorate magazine.

This sunny pattern will brighten your summer days! Finish the piece in a frame, create a plant poke, or even a basket tie-on.

Summer Sunflower Punchneedle

Designed by Alice Okon for The DMC Corporation


• 6” – 7” diameter no-slip, locking lip embroidery hoop

• DMC Embroidery Floss in Blanc, No. 310 Black, No. 434 LT Brown, No. 742 LT Tangerine, No. 743 MD Yellow, No. 801 DK Coffee Brown, No. 826 MD Blue, No. 898 V DK Coffee Brown, No. 3345 DK Hunter Green, No. 3346 Hunter Green, No. 33347 MD Yellow Green, No. 3348 LT Yellow Green Natural-colored weaver’s cloth, a 9” square

• 3-strand punch needle

• Damp cloth towel, embroidery scissors, fine-tip marker, iron and ironing board, light box or well-lit window, liquid fuse, spray adhesive, tracing paper, transfer paper, water


For pattern and color key, see below.

1. Pattern size is approximately 2-1/8″ x 4-3/4″. Drag or copy the pattern below to your computer desktop. We found that if you right click and print, the pattern is not true to size. Trace the punch needle pattern onto tracing paper with the fine-tip marker. To transfer the pattern, use either a light box or well-lit window and center the design on the weaver’s cloth, making sure the design is aligned with the threads in the fabric.

2. Center the transferred design in the embroidery hoop, making sure the fabric is drum tight while punching the design. Note: Set punch needle for a medium-small loop for entire project. Follow Placement Guide, and refer to color photo.

3. Once the piece is finished, remove the cloth from the hoop. Place on an ironing board punch-side down. Cover with a damp towel and place a hot iron on the towel. Let dry.

4. Turn back the raw edges and secure to the back with the liquid fuse, following manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Spray the back of the punched piece with the spray adhesive and center on fabric of choice for framing.

This project submitted courtesy of The DMC Corporation.


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