New National Nonwovens WoolFelt Colors—and a giveaway!

First, a little history:

Based in Easthampton, Massachusetts, National Nonwovens manufactures needlepunched nonwovens. Their product is used for so many more markets than the craft market (that WE love). Originally under the name National Felt, the company produced felted wool beginning in 1905 for apparel and wartime products. Later, the company’s WoolFelt fabric was even implemented in the popular poodle skirts of the 1950’s!

Second, brand new products:

National Nonwovens has nine new felt colors making their debut at the International Spring Quilt Market this weekend (May 18-20) in Kansas City, Missouri.

The new WoolFelt Daydream Inspirations Collection—sporting fabulous color names—feature four new heathered hues (Style TOY002 – 35% wool/65% rayon) of Ruby Red Slippers, Tropical Wave, Havana Gold, Enchanted Forest, and three additional WoolFelts of (Style WCF001 – 20% wool/80% rayon) Kiss Me Darling, Fresh Linen, and Spring Tickle.

And last, but not least:

A giveaway!

National Nonwovens has generously offered us some of their new product to give away to our readers!

Please leave us a “Pick me!” comment, and what you are dreaming of using this WoolFelt for, and you could be the lucky winner of the giveaway! (We do have to individually approve your comments, so please be patient with us. We promise not to forget anyone!)

105 years of quality! For more information, visit

Check back in with us on Monday, May 21 to find out if you are the lucky winner!


95 thoughts on “New National Nonwovens WoolFelt Colors—and a giveaway!

  1. Pick me please 🙂 i have started rug hooking and i love working with felt 🙂 Plus i have a super awesome little 3guy yr old guy who loves making felt crafts and puppets.

  2. Please! Please! Pick me! I love to create with felt and would love a chance to use your new colors. I enjoy making all hair accessories, iphone cases, children’s wands, and mobiles with different kinds of felt. Fingers Crossed!

  3. Pick Me please, I have the perfect wool felt table runner pattern that I have put aside waiting to find the right shades to make it in and send to my daughter back in Australia.

  4. I would be delighted for sure if you picked me! The possibilities are endless: appliqued coasters, animal headbands, pincushions, and most importantly: the pizza boutonnieres that I am making for all of the groomsmen in my wedding next May!

  5. I love making broaches using felt and and my grandmother’s antique buttons that I inherited when she passed away…when people asked me what I was going to use her inherited ‘stash’ of goodies, I just told them I ‘felt’ like sewing, which has become my trademark!

  6. I’m jumping up and down waving my hands in the air, so excited to see these lovely colors. I love them for pillows, pincushions and applique on quilted banners. Pick me, please.

  7. Please pick me!!! I love the new colors and my hands have been itching to make some penny rugs. My husband has to pull me away from the woolfelt everytime I am in the fabric store!!

  8. Well there would be no end to the things I could craft from this wonderful product. I wnat to make stuffed birds, butterflies, pin cushions and I make Halloween wall hangings with appliqued scary items on them. Oh please pick me, my fingers are crossed.

  9. Pick me!!! I would love to make my graduating son a beautiful cover for the iPad his grandparents are buying him for college. These are great masculine colors.

  10. I love wool felt! I’ve recently been making flowers from it and putting them on wreaths. Would love this collection!

  11. Pick Me, Pick Me!! Love the colors. I have been doing applique for a short while and these would add colors that I do not have to my stash. I’m loving all things wool lately.

  12. OH YUMMY,BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFULNESS!!!!!! What a lovely giveaway! I certainly won’t object if you pick me, let’s see, what would I make??… head is spinning, a beautiful table top hooked piece for my white, distressed, paint peeling, wooden, warped coffee table……oh my, I need to sit down 😉

    • I would like to try some of the table runners , pillows, & felting so the wool would be a great incentive to get started

  13. Pick Me! I love the projects in Create & Decorate and would love to have this wool felt to complete them!

  14. Please pick me, I make penny rugs and those colors remind me of a wild flower garden. I can picture it now

  15. PLEASE, PLEASE pick me!!!!!! (DO NOT pick your nose) I want to start an cross stitch and wool applique garden sampler. Thanks.

  16. I sure hope you Pick Me! I use wool felt for many crafting projects. I love wool for applique projects, because it is so easy and wonderful to work with. My Grandaughter is 10 and she has made 2 pillows, and some other wonderful projects while here visiting with me… I Love to pass on my passion for all things Crafty!

  17. Please pick me..Love the wool & have tons of penny rugs or hooked rug projects I could use it for. Especially want to do a log cabin hooked rug pattern to cover a couple small footstools that I inherited.

  18. Pick Me! I want to make ornaments for the children in my family for this Christmas. Have never used wool felt before and would like to try it out. Thanks

  19. Please pick me. I want to use mine if I’m chosen to make a scarf/table runner. I was at a friend’s mother’s house & she has this one that is absolutely beautiful. I took pictures of it & want to make one of my own. It would be so great to win the fabric that way I can have my own beautiful scarf/ table runner. Please pick me. I never win anything & I could use a pick me up. I’ve had a lot of bad stuff happening lately. Thanks so much for having this giveaway.

  20. Pick me Please!! I’m a handcrafted seller of all things in the penny rug style, so I’m always looking for
    new colors to work with. I sell on both ebay and etsy.
    When I saw these colors I already have some ideas in mind for using them. Being a seller you always have to find the best prices for materials and this would be a great deal. The colors are so inspiring and very pretty. I would love to receive this set and continue making one of a kind items. Thanks for the offer!

  21. Just from looking at the picture a brainstorm of ideas comes to my mind. It would be so much fun to make little pincushions, needle books, rolleye buddies , bunting, etc, etc, etc. The colors are great and i’ve been searching for woolfelt for a long time, even I have dared to make some from old sweaters with the help of the washing machine. Please Pick me!

  22. Hi! Pick me! I love the colors, gets your mind to race on ideas. The wool felt is fun to work with!

  23. Oh please pick me! I have never worked with wool felt. I have not found a local source. I really want to make a penny rug. I’ve been inspired by Create & Decorate and also a local crafter who was featured in the paper. I’m already wishing and dreaming!

  24. I would love it if you pick me!!! I love penny rugs, wool is impossible to find in my part of the country. Can’t think of anything more fun!!!!

  25. the only time i worked with felt, was for a christmas sock with sequins….it was so pretty, then i saw a photo of penny rugs, i think that is what it is called, i liked them, but i would also love to make a candle mat for my corner table…and i know i can’t buy this kind of felt where i live, i hope – you pick me.

  26. Oh..please pick me. I would love to make all kinds of felt flowers, and maybe a mushroom or two. Thank you for the chance to win.

  27. Oh, please, PLease PLEASE pick me! There are sooooooo many projects I could use these colors on, but I think I would start with embellishing a throw, creating a new pillow or wallhanging, or perhaps even a needle case for my notions because the colors are so beautiful, that they would inspire me! 🙂

  28. Pick me please, I have so many wonderful penny rug ideas and patterns to make. The colors are beautiful and would blend very well with the stash I already have.

  29. The colors and textures of your WoolFelt giveaway
    are fabulous! Please pick me and I will be busy making
    flowers and neck warmers…Many thanks, Cindi

  30. Would really love this wool felt to add to my stash. I do all sorts of crafts. Can see some of these colors as flowers. YUM!!! Pick Me, please!!!!

  31. You don’t have to pick me…I use this product all the time and just wanted to comment. This is my favorite wool felt to use. It’s like having a paint palette of colors to use. who ever wins this will enjoy it so much! Washed or unwashed, it will give the winner much enjoyment to create with. (no, I don’t work for National Nonwovens) 🙂

  32. Pick me, Please! I have started needle felting and I would love to use these new colors to make some felt animals and some plushies. Thanks! Pretty Please Pick Me! LOL

  33. Please pick me! Penny rugs look so good – and my back issues of Create & Decorate have lots of patterns to choose from!

  34. Pick me! My girlfriend recently got me interested in this awsome craft and I am just beginning my wool felt stash – I need a lot of help!

  35. Pick me! I LOVE to make Santa Robes for my dolls out of this beautiful fabric! Please pick me! : ) Thank you!

  36. “Pick Me” please! I’d love to make a penny rug companion piece for a hooked rug I just finished. Thanks to National Nonwovens for their generosity.

  37. That felt is wonderful . I would love to have some to make flower pins. I also make garlands with felt birds, wow so much to do.

  38. Pick me! I’m not sure what I’d use this for – I have a couple ideas, but that felt is so beautiful I’d want to make sure it was something special. A purse perhaps?

  39. PICK ME!!!!!! I have so many wool patterns and these would be perfect for some table runners. Those new colors are beautiful!

  40. Love, Love, Love the new hues! I started out using felt when I first started crafting and quilting art pieces, love all of the new types of felt, that they have out now. I would love to try the new felt to make some table mats with. So, did I say love enough times to say Pick Me!


  41. “Pick Me” please! Wow would that ever be a blessing for me. I have always wanted to use felt and i am starting to learn and attempt little projects. I am using cheap felt as I can’t afford anything else for now. This would be an awesome start on my dream project of a penny rug Christmas Tree skirt I have drawn up. This felt looks so beautiful. I am dreaming of owning this!

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