“What is it?” Wednesday #63

Yes, we are thankfully half-way to the weekend. This week’s vintage puzzle object may be even more difficult to guess than last week’s. Sorry!

This was a handy item to men and women alike.

You know what to do: Please leave us a comment with your guess, and stop back in on Friday to view the answer and the guesses. Have a great day!


16 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #63

  1. The item of the week: It is a handle that was used to hold packages or boxes wrapped with a twine or string or jute. The string or twine or jute was put thru the metal part, there is another metal part on the other side of the wooden handle. Thus enabling someone to carry a box or package in a very easy manner, just holding the wooden handle!!

  2. i think the Wednesday “watchamacallit” is an old fashioned toilet paper holder from the “outhouse”. Looks just like the one my dad made for our old “outhouse” on the farm!

  3. A handle – slip shopping bag handles on each side of this handle for easier carrying. Doesn’t hurt your hand when carrying shopping bags and grocery bags.

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