“What is it?” #67 – the answer


Our weekly puzzle revealed: An Ekco Ovenex 8 hole muffin/cupcake tin in our favorite pattern – Starburst!

So many great uses other than the obvious:

Use one to organize your desk or junk drawer, sort buttons or beads, set tea lights or votive cup candles in to cast a primitive glow, and heck… tie a homespun fabric strip and hang it on the kitchen wall! Don’t you just love “stuff”?

Thanks for playing along this week! To read all of the wonderful guesses from our friends, click here, and scroll down. Many of you knew it was a muffin tin, but our ‘wow award’ (no, we really don’t have this award) goes to Edie who actually knew it was an Ovenex! You sly treasure-hunter, Edie! 🙂

Happy Friday, everyone!

Beverly and Noelle


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