“What is it?” 68 – the answer

Happy Friday, and welcome back to our blog to check out the answer of this week’s puzzle. Sometimes our photo is enlarged so much that it throws your perception of the item, and we are pretty sure that happened to many of you this week. However, as always, we had wonderful guesses and a few correct answers. There is always a handful of you who own (or used) the featured vintage item. To read this week’s guesses, scroll down to the previous post.

Our item this week is a sweet red-topped nut grinder, complete with original decal!

Maybe one day we should have a “What is it?” online auction selling off all of the previous items. Then Noelle and I could go on a ‘junking’ vacation, and start the collection all over again! 🙂


3 thoughts on ““What is it?” 68 – the answer

  1. Wow, did I ever miss it too! What’s sad is that I have one almost identical to it but my paint is more worn. But that’s okay because it belonged to my husband’s Nana.

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