Show your true colors!

The blogging world is truly a wonderfully creative place. We find so many artful folks out in cyberspace, and we enjoy sharing our finds with you.

We stumbled upon the cute idea below shared by Jessica on Two Shades of Pink’s blogspot. These mason jar glasses are perfect for your summertime get-togethers. What a fabulous alternative to a plastic cup, and if you make enough, each guest may have a personalized color-coded lid!

Let’s face it… most of us have dozens of these jars (just waiting for our gardens to be harvested). Why not ‘borrow’ them for a picnic prior to canning time?

Jessica traced the lid onto scrapbooking paper rather than punching a hole in the metal, so that the jar lids could be reused. Such a clever idea.

Make a bunch for your next party!

Click here to visit Two Shades of Pink to read her instruction and see what else Jessica is up to.


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