Sewing Needfuls Keepers

sewing needfuls keepers

designed by Terry Loewen

We are thrilled to offer our friends another lovely cross stitch design by Terry — just in time for your weekend crafting!


For product information, see sources below.

• Band boxes, two (balsa or papier-mâché)

• Wichelt Imports 32-count linen in No. 65137 Tumbleweed

• DMC embroidery floss in No. 469, No. 680, No. 898, No. 902, and No. 930

• DecoArt Americana Acrylics in Lamp Black and Old Gold

• Embroidery needle, fabric backing (for pin cushion), flax or wool (for stuffing), fine-grit             sandpaper, glue, iron and ironing surface, paintbrush, paper towels, scissors, wax candle


1. Paint box bottoms Old Gold and lids Lamp Black. Allow to dry.

2. Rub wax candle on them in random areas.  , then paint over bottoms and lids and lids, reversing colors. Allow to dry thoroughly.

3. When dry, sand lightly, allowing colors waxed over to show through. Wipe away dust.

4. Stitch design on fabric using one strand of floss.

5. When complete, hand wash, then lay flat to press dry.

6. Cut between designs and trim edges; fray.

7. Apply a light layer of glue and press into place on band boxes.

8. Stitch design for pin cushion.

9. Hand wash and lay face-down to press dry.

10. Trim to desired size for pin cushion, then cut fabric backing to fit and sew with right sides together, leaving one side open.

11. Turn and stuff, then turn edges in and whipstitch closed.



(800) 367-3047

The DMC Corporation

(973) 589-0606

Wichelt Imports, Inc.


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