Punch a little present (embroidery, that is)

As a little teaser to our Country Christmas issue we are offering you this punch needle  ornament. (We guess that’s not such a tease then, is it?) Designed by Beverly and happily shared with YOU to get you in the holiday fa-la-la crafting spirit.

Pint-sized Project—Merry Miniature
designed by Beverly Hotz

Happy punching!

Merry Miniature

designed by Beverly Hotz


• Weeks Dye Works Embroidery floss in No. 1094 Linen, No. 1277 Collards, No. 1336 Raspberry, No. 2326 Stone, No. 3900 Kohl Weaver’s Cloth

• Cameo Ultra Punch Punch Needle*

• Locking lip embroidery hoop

• Zinc Mason jar lid**

• Cotton batting, embroidery scissors, homespun fabric of choice (a 1-1/4” x 20” piece), hot glue gun and glue, Prym-Dritz Fray Check, sewing needle, small button of choice, thread to match button

*Available through Punch Needle Marketplace.

**Antique shop or flea market find.


For pattern, see below.

1. Transfer pattern using transfer method of choice.

2. Setting punch needle at 3 and using three strands of floss, outline year and bell lines in No. 3900 Kohl.

3. Punch two rows for each of the pattern lines for bough branches in No. 1277 Collards.

4. Using No. 1094 Linen, punch stripes on bell, and tops of pine needles to represent fallen snow.

5. Fill in bell with No. 1336 Raspberry.

6. Use No. 2326 Stone to fill background, taking care that the lighter transition of color is punched against outline of bell for contrast.

7. Take completed embroidery out of hoop and trim loose threads.

8. Following manufacturer’s instructions, apply a thin layer of Fray Check around edge of completed embroidery.

9. Using needle and thread, sew small button to top of bell.

10. Cut an 8” length of six-strand No. 1094 Linen and tie bow around button.

11. Trim cloth close to edge of embroidery.

12. Using outside of jar lid as template, cut batting to fit inside of lid (cut multiple layers to fit depth of lid if needed). Using needle and thread, loosely attach batting layers together. Whipstitch punched circle to top of batting.

13. Apply a thin strip of hot glue 1/8” below rim of jar lid and slip batting and embroidery into lid, carefully tucking in edges.

14. Wrap homespun length around perimeter of jar lid, knotting at top of embroidery.

* Please note that you may have to resize the attached pattern to be 2-7/8″ in diameter.

This pattern should be 2-7/8″ in diameter.


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