it’s the most apple-y time of the year

Having the opportunity to bake makes our hearts happy.

This time of the year, if you mix apples, cinnamon, and sugar all in one dish, you just can’t say no to dessert! The apple crisp bars that we featured in our summer issue were so scrumpdillyicious that we decided to bake them again now that we are in the middle of apple season. Just in case you missed them in the magazine, please click here to get the recipe. We have even conveniently created the recipe in a card format so that you may print the page and cut it out to keep in your recipe box. We have many of our favorite recipes saved this way for you on our website.

They are the perfect weekend treat!

apple crisp bars


Polka Dot Christmas

Our blog followers already know that we love giving fun stuff away. Today we are offering you a chance to win the book Polka Dot Christmas!

Polka Dot Christmas by Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar

12 fabulously fun Christmas projects including quilts, stockings, wall hangings, a tree skirt, and more! Every page filled with splashes of color and instructions for a festive season of decorating.

To enter your chance to win this book, simply leave us a ‘pick me’ comment.

(And if you keep reading, you’ll see we are offering a bonus chance to win, too.)


We are also having a giveaway on our Facebook page for the Polka Dot Christmas book PLUS a one year subscription to Create & Decorate! We are thankful to have such loyal friends and fans, that we want to show our appreciation. XO!

That’s right – a chance to win a one year subscription to Create & Decorate PLUS the book Polka Dot Christmas just for ‘liking’ our Facebook page and sharing our page on Facebook. Click on over to our Facebook page now to try to win there, too!

“What is it?” Wednesday #85

Happy halfway to Friday!

Thanks for stopping back in to play “What is it?” Wednesday with us. Please take a look at our photo puzzle piece, and leave us a guess as to what this vintage item is as a comment. We will post the item’s identity on Friday along with your guesses.

Good luck guessing!

Stitchin’ a little Halloween mischief

We love when we are able to share a sweet little stitchery with our blog readers. Today, designer Terry Loewen has delivered a Halloween sampler in time for you to stitch and display for fun seasonal decorating. Although the stitches are small, with the limited color changes, you will finish this piece in no time.


Follow Terry on her blog for a peek into her creative life, and additional creative inspiration.

mischief is brewing

designed by terry loewen


For product information, see sources below.

DMC embroidery floss in No. 310, No. 680, No. 730, No. 844, No. 3052, and No. 3787

Wichelt Imports 32-ct. linen in No. 65140 Natural Light

Embroidery and sewing needles, fabric backing, iron and ironing surface

Designed by Terry Loewen


1. Using one strand of floss, stitch entire design.

2. Wash as desired, then press face-down to dry.

3. Place fabric backing and stitched design right sides together and sew, leaving a small opening for turning.

4. Turn, sew opening shut, and press.


The DMC Corporation

(973) 589-0606

Wichelt Imports, Inc.

“What is it?” #84 – the answer

Noelle and I were glad to see that many of our “what is it?” game followers visited again to play. (Yup, sorry to have missed posting the game last week!)

This week our puzzle piece belongs to a vintage pie tin. Congrats to all of you who knew, and thank you to all who didn’t know, but were brave enough to leave a guess. 🙂 We love your courageous side!

Scroll down to the previous post to read the guesses. Happy Friday to one and all!

Now let’s go get some pie…

“what is it?” Wednesday #84

We’re ba-aa-ack!

Yes, “what is it?” Wednesday was missed last week. Sometimes you just can’t get it all done, you know?

Welcome back, take a gander, and leave us a guess (as a comment below) as to the identity of this week’s vintage item. We will post the answer and your guesses this Friday.

It’s a beautiful day for a cross stitch giveaway!

Hooray for free stuff, prizes, and giveaways!

We have been contacted by readers who have not been able to locate a store supplied with the DMC Color Variations floss in 4135, Terra Cotta, that was used in the Thanksgiving Sampler featured in our Holiday 2012 issue. On one hand, it’s good to know that the product is sought after, but frustrating when you are trying to create!

Enter DMC to the rescue!

DMC gifted us 5 kits featuring their Terra Cotta Color Variations for us to share with YOU!

(Give Thanks sampler featured in our Holiday issue, designed by Lois Winston.)


You must ‘like’ our Facebook page and then ‘share’ this post. Easy peasy. Click here to hop on over to our Facebook page NOW.

Kit contents = Charles Craft 14 count Aida, Color Variations in 4135, and cross stitch chart!

Good luck!

we have a winner!

Congrats to Cathy Rurka Lyseng! She has won a copy of Fiona Hammond’s Halloween: Tricks & Treats & Other Nifty Stuff!

We decorate the front yard but, not too scary that the little ones are frightened. I set up the dining room table with all my little jacks (a candle in each) that I collect. Later in the night our kids dress up like the grim reaper and follow bigger kids around our yard without saying anything. Kinda creepy!

Cathy, send an e-mail with your mailing address to and we’ll get that book right out to you! Hopefully you’ll find more spooktacular (groan) ideas for this Halloween!

To see the original post, click here.

we know…

Something went missing this week, didn’t it? A certain day of the week arrived, and a certain something that usually appears on a certain really awesome blog just…didn’t appear. And then that special super fun day went by, and then the next day went by, and yet, nothing was mentioned.

You see, sometimes, the week gets crazy. Like, supah-cuh-razy, And the little editors that you’ve come to know and love just get bogged down in piles and piles of work. And things that we should remember get, well, forgotten (obviously). And then suddenly those two little but still really great and amazing editors will look at each other and slap their heads in unison, and say “Oh no! We forgot!” And while some of you may have hoped that we would redeem ourselves and perhaps post a certain image today, we are sorry to inform you that it’s just…not gonna happen.

So, we have deemed today Forget About It, Friday. We think you know why.

Happy Friday! 🙂