Epsom salt crafts – who knew?

We admit that we have a LOT of creativity come across our desks, and we are always amazed when something old and familiar is repurposed into a fresh, new idea. We knew about the healing qualities and uses for Epsom salt, but today we found out there are oodles of crafting possibilities, too! (We also give it an A+ because Epsom salt is an inexpensive material that is easily found in the grocery store.)

You may have crafted with sugar, but Epsom salt has different qualities than sugar for crafts. Epsom has larger granules for texture, and light reflects better off of them. Another interesting characteristic: fresh Epsom salt crystals have high water content, and when the translucent crystals get exposed to air, they will begin to dry and become white. This process is natural, but it’s a change that can occur as fast as one week. For example, you may want to decorate a glass luminary for a special occasion with translucent crystals, yet prefer white crystals to top off a paper snowflake!

The Epsom Salt Council shares free craft projects and ideas using Epsom salt. Try your hand at glistening candles, frosted windows, homemade bath salts, and more! You will also find quick links to numerous seasonal projects created by bloggers, too. With the holidays quickly approaching you will want to hop on over to the Epsom Salt Council’s new online craft section. Try making the miniature frosted pumpkins today!  Click here for a quick link, and have fun with Epsom salt!

Project image courtesy of the Epsom Salt Council


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