double, double toil and trouble…

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We know that Halloween can be sort of a dividing holiday—some people love it, aaaaaand…some people don’t. Some are even a bit offended by it, or don’t approve of it. And that’s okay! But Halloween doesn’t have to always mean scary tombstones, rattling chains, and ghostly moans. In Fiona Hammond’s Halloween: Tricks & Treats & Other Nifty Stuff, you get the best of both worlds: creepy Halloween (if that’s your thing), and just simply fun Halloween (if it’s not).

Blind Mice with Licorice Tails is a simple cookie recipe that you can make with the kids. Brilliant Broomsticks only require five materials, and would make a great witchy welcome for Trick-or-Treaters. I Scream at Bugs are just yummy cupcakes that your little ones will have a blast decorating to look like creepy-crawlies. The Pin the Nose on the Jack-‘o-Lantern game is a cinch to make, and will leave your guests laughing, no matter what age.

Blind Mice with Licorice Tails

Green Gloop (with Bat’s Blood) and Ghouly Tortillas might sound pretty disgusting, but it’s just guacamole with adorable ghost-shaped tortilla chips; easy to make and sure to be a hit. The RIP Coffin Treat Boxes may sound sinister, but they are fun to make, and even more fun to give away. The Shifty Frankenstein Shadow will make your house come alive with the Halloween spirit; create a few and have a complete shadow show!

Green Gloop (with Bat’s Blood) and Ghouly Tortillas

The book includes foil stickers, a stencil card, and a game poster, plus patterns and step-by-step instructions. Boo-tiful! To win a copy of this book, simply leave us a comment telling us how you like to have Halloween fun, frightful or not. We’ll select a random winner on Tuesday, October 16th.

Shifty Frankenstein Shadow

(Visit Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. at to see this book as well as the entire list of titles.)

Ready, get set, leave us a comment to win!


9 thoughts on “double, double toil and trouble…

  1. Having spent many years making costumes and then trailing along from door-to-door behind little people, I now get to sit at home and meet all kinds of spooks and fairies and walking pumpkins.

    Last year, I told a 3 or 4 year old pumpkin that I didn’t know pumpkins could walk and he told me “Oh yes, you have to look around for them. They’re kind of everywhere.” With the ‘everywhere’, he spun one arm over his head and behind his back and nearly fell over. He got an extra handful of treats plus one of the special treats I have for the kids that I know from our neighbourhood! I just made it back into the house before I cracked up – I hope he comes back this year.

  2. Hallowe’en has always been an event most kids enjoy as they dress up and fantasize on what they can be not just for one evening but in all those days leading up to it as they decide on who or what they want to be. As an adult ‘shelling out’ it’s always such fun to see the get-ups and creativity. Living in one home for several years allows one to see children as they grow from year to year…

  3. We decorate the front yard but not too scary that the little ones are frightened. I set up the dining room table with all my little jacks (a candle in each) that I collect. Later in the night our kids dress up like the grim reaper and follow bigger kids around our yard without saying anything. Kinda creepy!

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