we know…

Something went missing this week, didn’t it? A certain day of the week arrived, and a certain something that usually appears on a certain really awesome blog just…didn’t appear. And then that special super fun day went by, and then the next day went by, and yet, nothing was mentioned.

You see, sometimes, the week gets crazy. Like, supah-cuh-razy, And the little editors that you’ve come to know and love just get bogged down in piles and piles of work. And things that we should remember get, well, forgotten (obviously). And then suddenly those two little but still really great and amazing editors will look at each other and slap their heads in unison, and say “Oh no! We forgot!” And while some of you may have hoped that we would redeem ourselves and perhaps post a certain image today, we are sorry to inform you that it’s just…not gonna happen.

So, we have deemed today Forget About It, Friday. We think you know why.

Happy Friday! 🙂


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