“What is it” #90 – the answer

what is it 90 Christmas cookie cutters

If you guessed cookie cutters, you were right! See all the guesses here.

We went a leeeetle easier on you this week, in honor of the holidays. “What is it?” Wednesday will take a break next week, but we’ll see you all back here in 2013! We hope everyone has a wonderfully wonderful Christmas, and a safe, healthy, and happy New Year!!



a (faux) feathered Christmas friend

Perfect for your holiday centerpiece, this friendly fellow will greet your guests in vintage style! 



feathered Christmas friend


designed by Rebekah Meier


For product information, see sources below.

• The Dow Chemical Company STYROFOAM Brand Foam

–Egg, 4”

–Ball, 1-1/2”

• Creative Papercay Co. Delight Paperclay

• 1/2 yd. cream ribbon (1/2” wide), 1 yd. tinsel (silver), acrylic paint (black, cream, and yellow) and 1/2” flat paintbrush, book pages (2 – 3), chipboard, Christmas greeting stamp of choice, craft glue, cream felt (a 4” square), decoupage medium, disappearing fabric marker, fine glitter (clear) and glitter glue (clear and silver), fine-grit sandpaper, gloss varnish, hot glue gun and glue, pencil, quilt batting (a 10” square), round toothpicks (2 – 3), scissors, sewing machine and thread (or sewing needle and thread), toothpicks, water, white cardstock (an 8-1/2” sheet), white ribbon scrap, wood candlestick (7”)


For wing pattern, see below.

1. Use toothpicks to secure ball to pointed side of egg.

2. Flatten a half dollar size amount of clay to 1/4” thickness, then apply to egg and ball.

3. Wet fingers and smooth clay. Repeat to completely cover egg and ball (head), creating a bird figure. Let clay dry.

4. Gently sand clay until smooth.

5. Paint bird with cream and let dry. Use pencil point to create two black dots for eyes.

6. Paint beak yellow.

7. Paint bird with one coat of varnish and let dry.

8. Trace four wing patterns onto batting, then cut out on traced line.

9. Stitch two wing pieces together 1/8” from edge.

10. Paint wings cream acrylic and let dry.

11. Trace and cut wing pattern onto book pages.

12. Apply one cut book page onto each wing using decoupage medium.

13. Cut remaining wing pieces in half and cut to create a fringe effect. Apply to wings with decoupage medium.

14. Cut book pages into fringe strips and apply to tail of bird with decoupage medium.

15. Referring to color photo, attach wings to bird with hot glue.

16. Paint candlestick cream and let dry. Apply one coat of varnish and let dry.

17. Cut a 4” circle from cardstock and chipboard. Use hot glue to adhere both circles to top of candlestick.

18. Adhere bird to top of circle/candlestick with hot glue.

19. Trace a 1-3/4” circle onto felt, then cut out on traced line.

20. Cut a 1” x 10” strip from felt and roll into a cylinder. Use hot glue to adhere cylinder onto circle (brim).

21. Adhere a 1” square to the top of cylinder with hot glue, then trim away excess, completing hat. Adhere completed hat to top of bird’s head with hot glue.

22. Stamp sentiment onto cardstock, then trim around with silver glitter glue. Trim around glitter with scissors, creating a small sign. Use hot glue to attach to candlestick..

23. Tie ribbon around candlestick, creating a bow.

24. Trim tinsel, then wrap around bird’s neck and top of candlestick.

25. Apply both glitter glue colors to candlestick, around wings, hat, and tail. Shake clear glitter onto bird.

26. Tie small bow and use hot glue to attach to bird neck.


Creative Paperclay Co.

(805) 484-6648


The Dow Chemical Company

(888) GO-CRAFT


This project submitted courtesy of The Dow Chemical Company.

Pattern - Dove Wing

the pattern should be 3″ in length when printed

knitted ornament wrap

The most popular gift at Christmastime? A sweater, of course!

So, dress your tree in style this year (and make a few as gifts, too!)


Dress your tree in style!

knitted Christmas ornament wrap

designed by Vickie Zelizo

“Merry Christmas! May there be fleece on earth, and good stitches to all.” —Vickie


For product information, see sources below.

Coats & Clark Red Heart Shimmer worsted weight yarn in Red

Glass ornament (10-1/2” at widest point)

Size 6 double pointed needles

Ribbon (a 12” piece), scissors, yarn needle




knitting abbreviations:

K2tog: knit two stitches together.

yo: yarn over

1. Cast on 36 stitches.

2. Join to knit in the round, being careful not to twist work .



1. Round 1: Knit.

2. Round 2: *K2tog, yo; repeat from * around.

3. Knit pattern 15 times [total of 30 rounds].

4. Next round: Knit.

5. Next 2 rounds: K2tog around.

6. Cut yarn, leave a tail for weaving.


drawstring detail


1. Weave tail through live stitches; pull tight.

2. Weave in all ends

3. Weave ribbon through first set of holes created by Round 2.

4. Slide glass ornament into knitted pouch.

5. Pull ribbon tight and tie a bow.


Red Heart (Coats & Clark)

(800) 648-1479


“What is it?” Wednesday #90

Thanks for stopping in to visit and play our weekly game—we know you are so very busy this time of year!

Please leave us a comment as your guess as to what this week’s item is, and stop back in on Friday (after you finish your to-do list) to see the puzzle answer, and to read the guesses when posted!

What is it?

what is it 90

zzzipper ornaments!


The search for down-to-the-wire handmade gifts that are fun and easy to make is over!

(You’re welcome.) 


Once you master the ball ornament technique, use the same technique idea to create other shape ornaments, like the tree shown above (using a cone shape and wooden spool)!

zipper ball ornaments

designed by Kathleen George


For product information, see sources below.

• The Dow Chemical Company STYROFOAM brand foam 3” ball

• Colored zippers of choice, a 27” length of each

• Zipper of choice for flower, a 25” 36” length

• 1” putty knife or palette knife, cord for hanger (a 9” piece), hot glue gun and glue, nippers, scissors, red fabric scraps, Yes! Paste*

*Available through craft stores.


1. Using pattern (see below), cut out six sections of red fabric to cover ball.

2. Using putty or palette knife, spread a thin layer of Yes! Paste onto surface of the ball, then use your fingers to smooth red fabric onto ball. Do not worry if bits of the ball are exposed, as they will be covered with zippers.

3. Take a zipper and separate the two zipper sides; if it does not come apart at the bottom, cut across zipper with nippers to remove closed end and zipper pull. Clip off plastic ends. (You will use just one side at a time.)

4. Paste 4-1/4” strips of zipper around every other section of fabric, moving around ball.

5. Clip zipper at top and bottom of ball so that zipper pieces meet each other neatly.

6. Paste strips of a contrasting color of zipper, overlapping the first. Trim ends at an angle so that zippers fit together neatly. (Refer to color photo.)

7. To make zipper flower, begin by holding end of zipper with your left hand—the front side of zipper will face down and metal edge will face left. With your right hand, loop zipper up and around to bring zipper back so that front side of zipper faces down; keep metal edge at top. Tack zipper together with a bit of hot glue to make first loop.

8. Continue making loops this way, always tacking loop down at center where your fingers are holding flower, and keeping metal edge at the top.

9. Make four or five loops—you should still have some zipper remaining to make flower center. Roll zipper from the free end into a tight coil, adhering with hot glue to hold as you go.

10. Adhere bottom of coiled end to very middle of flower to complete.

Note: If you do not have enough of the original zipper to create the center, use scraps of another zipper to make a coil and adhere that on instead. You can also choose to do this deliberately for color contrast.

11. Tie a cord into a loop for a hanger. Use a bit of hot glue to attach loop to top of ball.

12. Adhere zipper flower over cord at top of ball.


The Dow Chemical Company

(888) GO-CRAFT



This project submitted courtesy of The Dow Chemical Company.

Pattern - Zipper Ornament

When printed, the height of the pattern should be (a smidge more than) 4-!/2″. 🙂

white holly wreath

white holly wreath

designed by Patty Schaffer

Accented with white glitter for true vintage charm, this wreath is sure to set a festive holiday mood.

C&D_DEC_Dow_Paper Wreath


For product information, see sources below.

• The Dow Chemical Company STYROFOAM brand foam 10” white beveled wreath

• White fabric, a 30” x 30” piece

• Darice red berry garland

• 8-1/2” x 11” white linen cardstock (12 sheets), crystal glitter (white), glitter glue, paper trimmer, pins, ruler, scissors, small paintbrush


1. Cut white fabric into 1-1/2” strips.

2. Wrap strips around wreath, pinning ends to secure, until completely covered.

3. Cut cardstock into 1-1/2” wide strips, then trim strips into 2-1/2” and 3” lengths.

4. Freehand cut holly leaves from short paper strips and pin leaves to wreath, working in a clockwise direction. Layer leaves to hide pins. Cover top, as well as inside and outside edges of wreath.

5. Visually divide wreath into fifths and place a cluster of red berries at these spots as you work your way around wreath. Use pins to secure berries and work white leaves in among them.

wreath inset

6. Add a few more berries here and there throughout wreath as you fill it in with leaves.

7. When wreath is completely covered in leaves, work a section at a time by brushing glitter glue on edges of leaves and sprinkling white glitter over wet glue. Tap off excess.

8. Work your way around wreath, covering edges of all the leaves with glitter.

Darice Inc.

(866) 432-7423


The Dow Chemical Company

(888) GO-CRAFT



This project submitted courtesy of The Dow Chemical Company.

jingle jangle joy stockings

Jingle Jangle Jolly Stockings

designed by Terry Loewen

Whether you decide to make a stocking, small pillow, or trim the bottom of a towel, these sweet cross stitch patterns work up quickly and are sure to add a festive touch to your home. Try changing the color scheme to fit your décor!

3 stockings hung with care


Wichelt Imports

27-count Simplicity linen in No. MH18350228 Natural, a 3-1/2″ wide strip

–Mill Hill Beads in No. 10050 and No. 42012

The DMC  Corporation

–Embroidery floss in No. 341, No. 938, No. 948, No. 3032, No. 3777, and No. 3866

–Jewel Effects metallic thread in No. E321

• Mother of pearl buttons (for back of each stocking cuff), three

• Quilting cotton or homespun for stockings and back of ornament

• Handmade or store bought lace

• Muslin

• Embroidery needle, pencil, sewing machine and thread, ribbon, rickrack, scissors, straight pins

Stitches used:  cross stitch, back stitch, Algerian eye stitch, Smyrna cross

jangle jingle

back and joy


1. Create pattern for stocking (freehand or trace a stocking) 12″ from top of stocking to heel. Onto wrong side of fabric chosen for stocking, cut out and trace pattern.  Sew on line, leaving stocking top open.  Cut out, leaving 1/4” seam, and turn right side out.

2. Repeat for muslin insert but do not turn right side out. Place inside stocking and turn edges of both in. Sew together with hidden stitch.

stocking cuff

1. The band you will be stitching on is practically a ready made cuff; it is 3-1/2” wide so, you won’t need to turn any edges under. You need 3” of linen on either side of each design.

2. Using one strand throughout, stitch design. Referring to color photo, apply beads.

3. Attach lace to bottom of cuff using No. 3866 floss.

4. Wrap and pin cuff around top of stocking. Using No. 3032 with very fine stitches, sew cuff to stocking along top. Overlap ends slightly and sew three buttons to back. Sew a ribbon loop on one corner for hanging.


(When cross stitch chart is printed, it will be in several pieces; the center of the cross stitch grid is highlighted in blue so you can easily tape it together.)

jingle color key

jolly pillow


Wichelt Imports


The DMC Corporation


What is it #88 – the answer

This week our puzzle’s identity is an antique Christmas tree stand! (For a skinny trunk.)

And what a beauty it is.

Not too many souls were brave enough to leave us a guess, but if you’d like to read them, scroll down to the previous post.

Thanks for playing!

88 tree stand