a (faux) feathered Christmas friend

Perfect for your holiday centerpiece, this friendly fellow will greet your guests in vintage style! 



feathered Christmas friend


designed by Rebekah Meier


For product information, see sources below.

• The Dow Chemical Company STYROFOAM Brand Foam

–Egg, 4”

–Ball, 1-1/2”

• Creative Papercay Co. Delight Paperclay

• 1/2 yd. cream ribbon (1/2” wide), 1 yd. tinsel (silver), acrylic paint (black, cream, and yellow) and 1/2” flat paintbrush, book pages (2 – 3), chipboard, Christmas greeting stamp of choice, craft glue, cream felt (a 4” square), decoupage medium, disappearing fabric marker, fine glitter (clear) and glitter glue (clear and silver), fine-grit sandpaper, gloss varnish, hot glue gun and glue, pencil, quilt batting (a 10” square), round toothpicks (2 – 3), scissors, sewing machine and thread (or sewing needle and thread), toothpicks, water, white cardstock (an 8-1/2” sheet), white ribbon scrap, wood candlestick (7”)


For wing pattern, see below.

1. Use toothpicks to secure ball to pointed side of egg.

2. Flatten a half dollar size amount of clay to 1/4” thickness, then apply to egg and ball.

3. Wet fingers and smooth clay. Repeat to completely cover egg and ball (head), creating a bird figure. Let clay dry.

4. Gently sand clay until smooth.

5. Paint bird with cream and let dry. Use pencil point to create two black dots for eyes.

6. Paint beak yellow.

7. Paint bird with one coat of varnish and let dry.

8. Trace four wing patterns onto batting, then cut out on traced line.

9. Stitch two wing pieces together 1/8” from edge.

10. Paint wings cream acrylic and let dry.

11. Trace and cut wing pattern onto book pages.

12. Apply one cut book page onto each wing using decoupage medium.

13. Cut remaining wing pieces in half and cut to create a fringe effect. Apply to wings with decoupage medium.

14. Cut book pages into fringe strips and apply to tail of bird with decoupage medium.

15. Referring to color photo, attach wings to bird with hot glue.

16. Paint candlestick cream and let dry. Apply one coat of varnish and let dry.

17. Cut a 4” circle from cardstock and chipboard. Use hot glue to adhere both circles to top of candlestick.

18. Adhere bird to top of circle/candlestick with hot glue.

19. Trace a 1-3/4” circle onto felt, then cut out on traced line.

20. Cut a 1” x 10” strip from felt and roll into a cylinder. Use hot glue to adhere cylinder onto circle (brim).

21. Adhere a 1” square to the top of cylinder with hot glue, then trim away excess, completing hat. Adhere completed hat to top of bird’s head with hot glue.

22. Stamp sentiment onto cardstock, then trim around with silver glitter glue. Trim around glitter with scissors, creating a small sign. Use hot glue to attach to candlestick..

23. Tie ribbon around candlestick, creating a bow.

24. Trim tinsel, then wrap around bird’s neck and top of candlestick.

25. Apply both glitter glue colors to candlestick, around wings, hat, and tail. Shake clear glitter onto bird.

26. Tie small bow and use hot glue to attach to bird neck.


Creative Paperclay Co.

(805) 484-6648


The Dow Chemical Company

(888) GO-CRAFT


This project submitted courtesy of The Dow Chemical Company.

Pattern - Dove Wing

the pattern should be 3″ in length when printed


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