no handicap – just inspiration

After watching a story shared from our FB friend, Q Snap (who produce wonderful frames for quilting, and stitching), we are amazed by quilter Diane Rose who found her sewing passion after glaucoma rendered her blind.

Diane is truly a guiding light. If you’ve ever made an excuse for not trying something new, watch her story on YouTube, and be inspired. (Interview by Texas Country.)

Seize every day, friends!

Picture 4

Avid quilter, Diane Rose


“What is it?” Wednesday #95

Time to play our guessing game again! Please take a look at the photo, leave your guess as a comment (we won’t post comments until the answer is revealed), and stop back in this Friday to see if your guessed correctly.

Good luck, and happy guessing!

95 what is it

creative minds like to doodle

With the job we have, we have the luxury of being tempted with wonderful books. We love that part of our job is to take the time to browse the pages and offer you a review. Recently we received a journal that tickled our doodling fancy.

There is a lot to be said about a good session of scribbling. To have the expressive freedom to draw and doodle is a beautiful thing! Open your mind and set your artful self in forward gear with a jump start with the journal Art, Doodle, Love by Dawn Devries Sokol. You may find the book online here.


Art Doodle Love by Dawn Devries Sokol

Unlike a typical blank page journal, this option offers any creative spirit beautifully illustrated pages of artful prompts to inspire creativity and journaling. A couple of the pages are shared below:


This page invites you to select a square, and jot down one thing you are grateful for each day for one month.


Another page encourages you to take a look around you, breathe in, and take note of your surroundings.

Check out the doodle video of the book on YouTube. What a fabulous gift this will make for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day (or for YOU, any day)!

“What is it?” 94 – the answer

No fooling you guys anymore… time for us to get craftier with our cropping techniques we guess!

Yes, indeedy, this week our vintage treasure is a men’s shoe stretcher. Thanks for playing our game. See you next week—same bat time, same bat channel. 🙂


Scroll down to read the guesses that were made this week.

94 shoe stretcher

“what is it?” Wednesday 94

Welcome back for another fun installment of… “What is it?” Wednesday!

How to play? Take a peek at the piece of a vintage item in the photo below, take a guess as to what it is, and leave us a comment as your guess. Then, visit our blog again on Friday to see the full photo of this week’s vintage treasure and read the guesses that were made.

Take a guess! What is it?

what is it 94

stamped valentine candle

While searching for valentine craft inspiration, we found this easy and fun tutorial. You will be able to craft oodles of these this weekend. With very inexpensive supplies (that you probably already have in the house) you will breeze through this project with happy results!


A votive or pillar candle, tissue paper, rubber stamp and ink, and a hair dryer or embossing tool are all that is needed. Easy peasy!

Of course, we like to give credit where it is due, so please click on over to to view this great crafty weekend project. Enjoy!

“What is it?” 93 – the answer

We are SO impressed that many of you recognized this item easily!

what is it 93

Yes siree, Bob, it is indeed the sprinkler top for a spray starch bottle for perfectly pressed clothing. I (as many of you) remember my mother and grandmother frequently using one of these.

Thankfully, permanent press was invented, but you still can’t beat the look of a crisply pressed white button-down!

Please scroll down to read the comments that were left as guesses in our earlier post. Happy weekend to all!

ironing day

Also, as any of you commented to us, the sprinkler cap shown above is topping a vintage coke bottle!

“What is it?” Wednesday #93

This week our puzzle picture shows a little bit more than usual. We know you will get the general idea of what is pictured. This week, if you  please comment with a specific use for this item, you have a chance of being correct!

As always, we ask that you leave us a comment as your guess, and check back in with us on Friday to see the full photo. You will also be able to read the guesses at that time.

Thanks for playing! Hmmm…what is it—and what is it used for?

what is it 93