“What is it?” Wednesday #92–the Answer

Wow! We got a ton of responses this week! It was almost a tie between an ice cream scoop or an egg beater, so if you guessed this:

what is it 92 ice cream scoop

you were correct! That’s right, it’s an old-fashioned ice cream scoop. Always makes us think of school cafeteria mashed potatoes, too…

Thank you for all the guesses; we always have fun reading them 🙂 Click here to see them all.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


2 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #92–the Answer

  1. Thanks, it is always nice to be the one who is right! It is not allowed to happen here much…

    We have just started a project for 2013 with quilt from 134 feedsacks from his father’s feed store he started in 1929 and operated until his death at 81yo in 1961, We are also working on one with hankies that belonged to both our mothers. Wish us luck!! We both enjoy all you do, Jan in TN

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