Calling All Knitters!—The Kissing Hand Mitten Project

Have you ever read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn? It’s a terribly sweet children’s book about a mother raccoon whose kit is afraid of starting school. To ease his fears, she gives him a kiss in his palm and tells him that if he feels scared or lonely, he can put his hand to his cheek and feel her love. (Noelle’s sister, a Kindergarten teacher, says she reads this book to her class on the first day of school every year, and it is always a favorite and a big comfort.)


In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, people from all over have been knitting their hope and love into mittens for the Kissing Hand Mitten Project. Each elementary school student in Newtown will receive a pair of mittens (with a heart sewn or knitted into the left palm) and a copy of the book from Penn, who will also do a book reading.

group of mittens

So far, 850 pairs of mittens have been received, but 1,000 more are needed by February 28, 2013. Every pair will help warm the hands and heal the hearts of so many innocent children. If you would like to help by knitting a pair of mittens (or several!), please send them to:

The Kissing Hand Mitten Project

93 East High Street

East Hampton, CT 06424

You can also visit the Kissing Hand Mitten Project on Facebook here.


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