“What is it?” Wednesday #93

This week our puzzle picture shows a little bit more than usual. We know you will get the general idea of what is pictured. This week, if you  please comment with a specific use for this item, you have a chance of being correct!

As always, we ask that you leave us a comment as your guess, and check back in with us on Friday to see the full photo. You will also be able to read the guesses at that time.

Thanks for playing! Hmmm…what is it—and what is it used for?

what is it 93


61 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #93

  1. I know this one I still have my moms, it’s a sprinkler top that has a cork around the base to hold and seal then inserted into a bottle “coke bottle'” she used it to sprinkle water on to the sheets that she ironed as well as clothes. Sometimes she used rosewater.

  2. This gizmo was used before steam irons and spray sizing to “Sprinkle”clothes with warm water to make ironing them easier. It’s a clothes sprinkler. My mom and gramma used them, I did, too, but I was just a kid learning to iron. I started with hankies.

  3. I don’t know what it is called but it was used for sprinking water on items to be ironed to steam the wrinkles out. The water was in a glass bottle with an attachment (metal) on top with holes in it.

  4. This was a cork attached to a sprinkler head. It was used to shake water onto fabric to be ironed. This was used before spray bottles .

  5. Sprinkler device, usually stuck into a pop bottle, for sprinkling laundry before ironing. I have 2 in coke bottles in my laundry room. Now we have steam irons and spray bottles.

  6. This looks like a bottle top that my mother used to have. She put in on a bottle with water in it and used to sprinkle or moisten shirts and blouses to dampen them before ironing.

  7. Ahhhhh!
    I believe I’m looking at the head of a Sprinkling Bottle-a Sprinkler for dampening clothes before ironing. Today, some of us use a spray bottle with water for the same purpose

  8. It is used to sprinkle water on a garment for ironing, fits in a bottle….pop bottle maybe, remember my mom used on just don’t remember the bottle….not sure what it was officially called……brings back a memory or two!

  9. We called it a sprinkler…It was used to dampen clothes in preparation to ironing! It was usually attached to a Coke bottle 🙂

  10. I think I may have seen my aunt use this when she was pressing her clothes. I believe it holds a liquid that is sprinkle on clothes when ironing .


  11. Metal top with cork bottom inserted into a coke bottle to use to sprinkle clothes prior to ironing them. My mother used one for years. And I just got the one from my mother-in-law’s house, but the cork is all dried out and it drips everywhere.

  12. sprinkler head to fit in bottles used for sprinkling water on clean clothes prior to rolling them, stacking them, then ironing the damp clothes. Had to make sure you ironed the clothes before they mildewed…ahh such memories. Love the wrinkle free fabrics used today.

  13. We used one a lot, to sprinkle water on the clothes we were irioning(back before steam irons where the thing). Attached to the top of whatever bottle you were using by means of the cork stopper

  14. Sprinkler for wetting clothes whilst ironing…Buy the sprinkler top, put on glass coke bottle and sprinkle away! Still use mine for ironing jeans and heavy fabrics….

  15. It is a sprinkler…to sprinkle water on clothes for ironing. An Old Fashion way to “steam press” clothes. I remember the wonderful ironing my Grandmother used to do.

  16. This is the top to a sprinkling bottle for ironing. My mother always used a glass soda pop bottle (of course, none of them were plastic), and the sprinkle top – I don’t know the specific name – fit in the neck of the bottle. It had cork or something around the bottom to fit tightly into the bottle. Back then, you sprinkled all of your clothes that needed ironing, layered them, and put them into a large plastic bag that zipped shut and put them into the refrigerator for a day or until you had time to iron. It was very common to have a large plastic bag of clothes in the refrigerator. We did not have a steam iron, but the clothes were just damp enough that the wrinkles came out very easy!

  17. I am sure that is a sprinkler head that I used to put in a pop bottle to dampen clothes for ironing, many many times, Jan in TN

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