creative minds like to doodle

With the job we have, we have the luxury of being tempted with wonderful books. We love that part of our job is to take the time to browse the pages and offer you a review. Recently we received a journal that tickled our doodling fancy.

There is a lot to be said about a good session of scribbling. To have the expressive freedom to draw and doodle is a beautiful thing! Open your mind and set your artful self in forward gear with a jump start with the journal Art, Doodle, Love by Dawn Devries Sokol. You may find the book online here.


Art Doodle Love by Dawn Devries Sokol

Unlike a typical blank page journal, this option offers any creative spirit beautifully illustrated pages of artful prompts to inspire creativity and journaling. A couple of the pages are shared below:


This page invites you to select a square, and jot down one thing you are grateful for each day for one month.


Another page encourages you to take a look around you, breathe in, and take note of your surroundings.

Check out the doodle video of the book on YouTube. What a fabulous gift this will make for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day (or for YOU, any day)!


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