valentine cherubs and wreath embroidery

A perfect little stitchery to display for St. Valentine’s Day, this sampler would also make a lovely marriage keepsake.  

A special thank you to Terry for sharing her creativity with our readers.

valentine cherubs and wreath

Valentine Cherubs and Wreath

Designed by Terry Loewen


• The DMC Corporation embroidery floss in Nos. 223, 341, 436, 760, 815, 816, 950, 3051, 3052, 3328, 3831, 3865, 4015, 4150

• Wichelt Imports 35-ct linen No. 66135 Lambswool

• Non-slip hoop or gripper frame

• Wooden frame (mine was 9-1/2” x 4-3/4” from Factory Direct Crafts)

• Embroidery needle, double-sided tape, foamcore, iron and ironing surface, ruler, utility blade

Stitch Charts

Print out all pieces of charts, and tape together for easy reference. (Click on images to open individually.)

valentine cherubs and wreath chart



Note: Stitch design using one strand of floss throughout design. Finished design is approximately 9.86” x 7.21” (131 x 101 stitches)

1. Hand wash linen in cool water. Squeeze out excess water, lay face down, and press until dry.

2.  Insert linen into hoop/frame and pull taut, taking care not to distort fabric.

3.  Following stitch chart and color legend, create sampler.

4.  To finish, measure and cut foamcore to fit frame. Press finished embroidery.

5. Trim fabric to 2” border around foamcore. Apply double-sided tape to back edges of foamcore and fold edges of fabric over onto tape.


The DMC Corporation

Wichelt Imports


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