rosie, rosie

Spring is so close we can practically smell it! To celebrate, let’s all make this delightfully adorably bunny from designer Terry Loewen. Come on now–hop to it!


rosie, rosie

designed by Terry Loewen





No. 12 perle cotton in white

Embroidery floss in No. 3033

Mill Hill Beads 11/0 glass seed beads in No. 00151 Ash Mauve

Quilt fabric of choice (for dress)

Crochet hook (I used a 4-1/2” antique hook from England; it’s smaller than US size 1.00)

1”-wide ribbon, a 13” piece

Coffee or walnut stain, doll needle, fabric pencil, hand sewing needle and strong thread, paper flower, polyester fiberfill, scissors, sewing machine and thread, small picture frame charm*, sponge brush

*Available through WalMart or Michaels.



For pattern, see below.


1. Trace body onto Osnaberg.

2. Sew on line, leaving open where indicated.

3. Cut out body, leaving 1/4” seam allowance.

4. Turn right side out and stuff, then whipstitch opening closed.

5. Needle sculpt face.

6. Sponge coffee or walnut stain on doll and allow to dry.

7. Trace dress onto quilt fabric.

8. Sew on lines, leaving openings where indicated.

9. Cut out, leaving 1/4” seam allowance. Turn right side out.

10. Fold neck edge under and sew a running stitch using six strands of No. 3033 floss. Tie in a bow at front of dress.

crochet lace

Note: Using perle cotton, Ch multiples of 4 plus 2 for desired length.

1. Row1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, *ch6, sk next 3 ch, sc in ch; repeat from * across, turn.

2. Row 2: ch8, 3dc in 4th ch from hook,* dc in next ch6, ch3, 3dc over post of last dc; repeat from * across, dtr in sc. Fasten off.

3. Place face down and press, then attach to bottom of dress using small stitches.

ribbon garland

1. Fold ribbon so it is half of the 1” width. Sew a running stitch where indicated and pull tight.


1. Sew five beads to center of flowers, then sew to bunny’s hand.

2. Place picture of choice in frame, then sew frame to center of ribbon.

3. Sew paper flower to ear.

Rosie pattern



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