spring it on!

Transform flea market finds with a spring palette that pops!

It’s yard sale time again—so keep your eyes open for items like these that will be easily transformed with fresh coat of spray paint!


blue bird beauty

by Jennifer and Kitty O’Neil, http://www.ONeilSisters.com


project time: 4 hours (plus paint drying time)


materials (from the flea market, thrift store, or dollar store)

Tip: Be color blind when shopping for thrift store finds. Everything will get a new look when you paint it, so focus on interesting shapes and textures in a variety of sizes.

• ornate picture frame

• teacup with saucer

• plastic ball ornaments, 1” diameter, three

materials from the craft store

• Krylon

-Indoor/Outdoor Primer in Bahama Sea #53549, Blue Ocean Breeze #51512, Gray #51318, White #51315

-Glitter Blast Clear Sealer #3800, Diamond Dust #3804, Sparkling Waters #3810

• 4” bird’s nest

• 2½” clip-on craft birds with silver glitter

• Hot glue and glue gun


Take a gander at THIS glittery blue beauty!


1. Prime the picture frame and ornaments with the gray primer. Prime the teacup and saucer with the white primer.

2. Paint the picture frame and three ornaments with Bahama Sea. Paint the teacup and saucer with Blue Ocean Breeze.

3. Spray the teacup and saucer and ornaments with Sparkling Waters Glitter Blast. Let dry and spray with Clear Sealer.

4. Hot glue the ornaments into the nest. Set the nest into the teacup and perch a bird on the edge.

This project submitted courtesy of Krylon.



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