“What is it?” Wednesday #103

Welcome back for another fun installment of… “What is it?” Wednesday!

How to play? Take a peek at the piece of a vintage item in the photo below, take a guess as to what it is, and leave us a comment as your guess. Then, visit our blog again on Friday to see the full photo of this week’s vintage treasure and read the guesses that were made.

Take a guess! What is it? (We do want to let you know that the photo is showing the bottom of the item.)

PS – We were asked to make the puzzle more challenging this week… and we think it is!

103 what is it


11 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #103

  1. I want to say some kind of thingy you hold over a fire to make something, but that makes no sense due to the holes!!!!! ARGH!!! No clue!!!

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