from our bookshelf – giveaway!

the modern day pioneer:
simple living in the 21st century


by Charlotte Denholtz, FW Media,

review by Noelle A. DeMarco

If that title doesn’t grab readers of Create & Decorate, then really, what will? Leading a simple life, harkening back the old days, when people didn’t need very much to get by, and what they did need, they made or grew themselves. Whether you want to go the whole hog and be as pioneer as possible, or just want to start slow by canning or baking a fresh loaf of bread, this book will help guide your endeavors.

This book runs the gamut, from the aforementioned canning and breadmaking to soapmaking, menus for seasonal meals (made with ingredients you can grow yourself), to making candles, healing herbs, and sewing your very own quilt. You can even learn how to brew your own ale! (Hey, the pioneers had to have a little fun, right? Even our founding fathers enjoyed a pint after a long day of forming a new country.)

You can learn how to compost and keep chickens, and collect rain water in a barrel. Fill your house with the intoxicating smell of Cracked Wheat and Honey Bread on a cold afternoon. Make your own cold and flu syrups when that dreaded season rolls into town, and learn how to fight insomnia with just a simple change in diet, or a soothing tea.

Each set of instructions gives you the rundown of what you’ll need, and everything is detailed and well-explained. There are also little information tidbits and Pioneer Tips along the way. The pioneers built lives for themselves using only the essentials and the little that they had. If they did it, you can dedicate yourself to trying it as well.

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