Earth Day butterfly feeder kit WINNER!

In celebration of Earth Month, as well as Earth Day, Diamond Tech has sponsored this fabulous butterfly feeder kit giveaway, and as promised, today we are announcing the winner!

Congratulations to Olivia Kuebler! (And the crowd roars… 🙂 )

Olivia’s comment was randomly selected from the entries, but her recycling efforts are not-so-random, are they? Props to you, Olivia (and family) for helping to make our planet stay green.

Picture 10

A refresher to what Olivia’s prize package is:


This kid-friendly kit contains a 2-piece reusable feeder mold, tumbled glass, glass butterflies, cement, sand, instructions and fun butterfly facts right on the box. Its shallow well holds sand and salt along with water. When the water evaporates butterflies are attracted to the minerals left behind from the hard water and salt. Once butterflies know where they can find these minerals, they will return regularly. Place overripe fruit on the rim of the feeder to allure butterflies. Use it in your outdoor space to transform it into an enchanted butterfly garden.

To learn more about this fabulous new product visit


One thought on “Earth Day butterfly feeder kit WINNER!

  1. Wow. Props to me; can’t say I never win anything I guess. Many thanks and keep on recycling America. It keeps us Beautiful.

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