needle felted cupcakes

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Create & Decorate Magazine® June 2008

Needle Felted Cupcakes

Yummy! With zero calories, these no bake needle felted cupcakes will add a whimsical touch to any kitchen. Just display on a pretty plate!

Designed by Debra Quartermain, for The Dow Chemical Company



The Dow Chemical Company STYROFOAM – three 6” cones, 1” and two 1⁄2” balls

National Nonwovens 1⁄4 oz of Cherry (red), Hot Chocolate (brown), Natural, Pink Lemonade Wool Wisps

• 1-9” x 12” piece of yellow and white felt

• 3 adult ribbed socks, in brown, pale yellow,and white

• 1⁄2 yard polka-dot ribbon

• 18 pearl head-pins

• Glass glitter beads

Clover Needle felting needle

Beacon Hold the Foam craft glue, Fabri-tac

• Sharp scissors, measuring tape, foam to needle felt on, knife, pencil, needle, strong thread, cotton ball.


1. Prepare foam by cutting 2” off of the wide end of each cone. Cut large ball in half. Glue ball halves to two of the wider end of cut cone pieces. Glue in center of ball only so needle will not stick in glue around edge.

2. Measure 2” beyond ribbing on the socks and cut on this line. If socks are not available in color needed, use Fabric Dye to create pale yellow or chocolate. Stretch ribbing over cone bottom, bringing ribbing even with wider top edge. Gather excess of sock with needle and thread to cover bottom. Repeat this step for all three cupcakes. (Yellow cupcake has flat top.)

White cupcake

3. On felting base, place a 2” piece of Natural Wool. Begin needle felting, shaping curves at four points. Continue needle felting and shaping curves. Place a small strip of Pink Lemonade in center of flower shape and needle felt in place. Cover ball top loosely with Pink Lemonade, letting it fall over sides. Needle felt in place, leaving it fluffy. Glue flower to center top. Insert head-pins, or “sprinkles” evenly over pink.

Chocolate chip cupcake

4. Cover small ball with Cherry, and needle felt. Loosely cover top of cupcake with Natural. Needle felt leaving fluffy. Pull nine small pieces of Hot Chocolate for chocolate chips and needle felt on cupcake top. Glue Cherry ball on center top.

Lemon cupcake

5. Cut yellow and white felt into 1⁄2” strips. Place a yellow and white strip together and begin rolling into a pinwheel. Add strips by gluing to ends. Continue until the pinwheel is large enough to cover cupcake top. Gently push center of pinwheel up 1⁄2”. Place a cotton ball in center of cupcake before gluing pinwheel in place. This will top off cupcake. Tie polkadot ribbon into a bow, and wrap around. Glue glass glitter beads, or “sprinkles” on top.


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