Here comes summer!

We thought this post worthy of a re-post:

This summer will be different

Every summer we find ourselves in the overly air-conditioned office, looking longingly out the window—Noelle dreaming of sitting in a chair on the lawn with a good book in her lap, and Beverly longing to be digging in the flower beds. We all experience summer remorse, don’t we? Truthfully, we really only need moments of summer “fixes” to get us through the work week. Well, seize the summer, friends! We are offering you a “How to Create & Decorate your summer” list to enjoy the little things in life. Find time to enjoy the little things that make you smile, evoke memories, and maybe even begin a tradition!

Your summer homework

1. Save the image (below) to your desktop to print.

2. Print the list and hang on the refrigerator as your summer reminder.

3. Seize the summer!


5 thoughts on “Here comes summer!

  1. Thanks for sharing this list. Reminds me of when I was young. It brought a smile to my face, Valerie

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