how to make a daisy chain

This post is prompted by one of our readers who inquired how to make a daisy bracelet after reading our Here comes summer post. Although a fresh daisy bracelet has a short life, we are certain that this fun little summertime craft memory will last a long, long time. (Remember to take a pic!)


(This sweet photo was found on

This terrific step-by-step was found on (with some of our own creative input!):

  • Pick about a dozen healthy, fully open, daisies with medium to long stems. Be sure to check for bugs as to avoid any surprises!
  • Strip the leaves off the stems.
  • Pick three daisies (with different length stems) and start braiding. Try to avoid bunching all the flowers in one spot.
  • When one of the stems runs out, tuck in the end. (This is similar to French braiding your hair!) Take another daisy and tuck it into the braid near the end. Use this stem along with the two that still remain to continue braiding.
  • Continue with this method, adding in a new daisy when one runs out, until you have a rope of daisies of the desired length(Make a long length to slip over your head for a necklace, or measure your wrist as you braid to know length for ending chain.)
  • Take the last daisy and pinch off the blossom. Weave about half of it into one end of the daisy rope. Weave the other half into the other end.
  • Tuck in any loose ends that slipped out of place and enjoy your sunny summertime smile!

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