a crafty read and a giveaway!

Sewing the Seasons:
23 Projects to Celebrate All Year

by Sandi Henderson, Wiley Publishing, wiley.com.

sewing the seasons

Review by Noelle A. DeMArco

Now, a book that talks about sewing for each season might not appeal to everyone—the whole world, after all, doesn’t get to experience spring, summer, fall, and winter. But flip through this book once and whether you live in a perpetual summer (lucky!) or never-ending winter (deepest apologies), you will find a beautiful project that you can enjoy at any time. Plus, if you live in regions where your produce depends on the season, two recipes are included in each section that incorporate what’s fresh at the moment!

Ever thought of repurposing an umbrella? I like the old-fashioned kind (with metal spokes) but I don’t always like their outdated designs. With the Rain or Shine Umbrella, I can pick up an old umbrella for a song, and give it a cute makeover with any fabric I like. The Ruffle Lounge Pants are impossibly adorable, and look so comfy. You could easily stitch them up in a heavier fabric for cold weather, because comfort knows no temperature. And they have pockets! (If you are anything like me, then you know how important that is.)

The Shabby Pumpkins will last forever and the Reversible Pencil and Storage Bags would make a comforting Back-to-School companion. A lot of families have a Christmas Eve PJ’s tradition (my grandmother did that for us even after we became adults); how fun would it be to sew up some for your family, tailored to each person in a special fabric?

Each project has clear, step-by-step instructions, and all the patterns can be found online, so you can enlarge them as necessary.

For a chance to win this book check out our giveaways page!


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