fluffy friends punch needle

Those of you who subscribe to Create & Decorate may recognize this design. For those blog-only project folks: did you know Create & Decorate magazine often has giveaways accompanying a project, or two, in each issue? True story!

Since summer is upon us, and our thoughts are outside in the sunshine, we thought it would be fun to offer you this punch needle project from the July/August 2012 issue of Create & Decorate. Back issues are still available! (click here)

As seen in Create & Decorate, July/August 2012

Fluffy Friends, as seen in Create & Decorate, July/August 2012. Designed by Beverly Hotz.

Fluffy Friends Punch Needle

Designed by Beverly Hotz


Weeks Dye Works

Embroidery floss in No. 1155, No. 1240, No. 1271, and No. 2198 Weaver’s Cloth in No. 1106 Beige, a piece large enough to fit in embroidery hoop

DMC Embroidery floss in No. 918, No. 3865, No. 4150, and No. 4145

Cameo Ultra Punch Punchneedle*

• Embroidery hoop of choice

• Vintage handkerchief

• Picture frame of choice

• Embroidery scissors, mat board (a 1-5/16” x 2-3/4” piece), quick-drying clear craft glue, self-stick mounting board (a piece the size of frame), sewing needle, thread (to match color of Weaver’s cloth)

*Available through Punch needle Marketplace.


For pattern, see below.

1. Using transfer method of choice, transfer pattern onto Weaver’s cloth.

2. Place cloth into hoop, taking care not to distort fabric while making cloth drum-tight. Note: Refer to manufacturer’s instruction for punch needle usage.

3. Using three strands of floss for each color, and setting

punch needle on 1, punch in following order:

Outline and fill dandelion flowers with No. 918, and greens with No. 2198. For sheep body outlines, legs and heads use No. 1271. For sheep wool, combine two strands of No. 4150 with one strand of No. 4145. Using No. 3865, punch the swirls in the sky, then outline and fill with No. 1155. Outline and fill ground with No. 1240. Using a French knot, create eyes for sheep with No. 3865.

4. Trim all excess threads from front and back sides of  stitched designs.

5. Carefully cut out completed punch needle, leaving a 3/4” border of fabric around design.

6. Center punch needle onto front side of mat board and adhere into place. Let dry.

7. Fold excess fabric over long edges of mat board and hold in place with fingers. First, anchor one side of fabric with needle and thread, and then take needle across the board to fabric on opposite side, stitching fabric in a criss-cross, or lacing, fashion. Fold corners neatly and tack.

8. Mount the vintage handkerchief to the self-stick mounting board trimmed to the size of the picture frame following Steps 6–8. Trim the handkerchief first if necessary.

9. Adhere the punch needle design to center of handkerchief mat, and slide back into frame.

The following pattern is reversed for punching, and finished embroidery measures 1-5/16″ x 2-3/4″.

pint-sized sheep


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