“what is it?” #116 – the answer

We enjoy posting a fun object like the one used this week.

We asked several coworkers if they new what the object was, and got such a kick out of watching their expressions when they realized what “it” was. The stories that followed were truly the fun of the day! Remember how much fun it was to go watch a movie at the drive-in? The whole family piling in the car, the littlest ones in pajamas (because Mom knew they would fall asleep). Dad (or your date!) placing the speaker on the car window, and rolling the window up tight so the mosquitos didn’t get you. Those were the days…

A hearty congrats to the sleuths who identified the drive-in movie speaker! And for those of you who didn’t, kudos to your admirable guesswork. To read this week’s guesses, click here and scroll down.

If YOU have a favorite drive-in memory, please share!



3 thoughts on ““what is it?” #116 – the answer

  1. One of the many trips to the outdoor theater, it was particularly crowded. After driving up and down the rows for quite a while, Dad finally found a tight spot to park. It seemed he backed up then drove forward 20 times to get in straight. With great relief he turned off the car, rolled down the window, and set up the speaker . . . . . D E A D : \

  2. I loved going to the drive-in when I was young. We had a big red station wagon. My parents would put blankets and pillows in the back for my sister and I. We would wear our pj’s and watch the movie. We almost always fell asleep before the movie ended and then my Father would carry us into the house up to bed.

  3. I remember going to the drive in wearing my pj’s so that we could go straight to bed after we had fallen asleep long before the second feature was over.

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