Yankee Doodle Andy

Thoughts of red, white and blue have prompted emails from readers searching for this pattern (again!). What a dandy way to celebrate the Fourth of July!

Create & Decorate—the blog

We are thrilled to share a creative blast from Create & Decorate’s past. Designer Denise White has given us permission to share this flashback project with you. Featured in our August 2004 issue, Denise’s Yankee Doodle Andy was one of our summer favorites. We thought this would be a perfect summer design to stitch in time for flag day and Fourth of July patriotic decorating.

To order the August 2004 issue (or other back issues) of Create & Decorate online, click here.

Yankee Doodle Andy


• 1⁄2 yd. of muslin fabric

• 10” x 13” piece of red and white striped fabric

• 10” x 15” piece of blue fabric

• Acrylic paints in antique white, black, and red

• Flat paintbrushes of choice

• Polyester fiberfill, newspaper, red yarn, quilting thread, hot glue gun and hot glue gun glue sticks, instant tea, white glue, sponge brush, two…

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