one man’s trash…

We were thrilled to go on a yard sale excursion together this past Saturday. There was a nearby town wide sale that was calling to us. Neither one of us actually needed anything, but of course we both went home with goodies. We share a common interest for old-time cookbooks with vintage appeal. These little treasures never fail to bring a smile. From the manner of speaking of that era to the portrayal of the average woman, this time period fascinates us.


Anytime is Pie Time? Heck, that’s our mantra!

Some sample quotations from our cookbooks:

“Need food in haste?” (Um, yeah, the family is kinda hungry and I have to feed them.)

“Use this book to make a speedy treat to suit his taste and win his loving look!” (Seriously? Oh, you naive, young girl.)

Or, how about this image:


(Side note: How do you keep that 24″ waist while eating casseroles for dinner?)

Of course, we do enjoy the recipes in most of the cookbooks we snag for .50 or $1.00, and get particularly excited to try the recipes that have been acknowledged by a marking by the cook to remember to make this again. Here is one on our “to try” list:


Since the recipe tells us that this honey is “luscious” we’re even more excited to try it! (Wink.)


4 thoughts on “one man’s trash…

  1. This sounds pretty yummy. It sounds like a possible Christmas basket item! Which book is the Pear Honey from? I have a LOT of cookbooks from the CAI.

    • The Pear Honey recipe is from A Harvest Home Cookbook, Jams Jellies & Marmalades by Beatrice Vaughan. A true gem!

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