“what is it?” #118 – the answer

Thanks for fitting us into your busy weekend plans to see the answer to our “what is it?” Wednesday game. Remember bygone office stamps? Hopefully you didn’t get one stamped across the top of an application saying”DECLINED”. 🙂

This office  Standard stamp holder is a carousel design.  If you come across one at a sale, pick it up! The stamp holders have fun repurpose use from holding your art and office supplies to displaying small glass bottles as little bud vases. What a cute centerpiece that would be!

To read the educated guesses from this week, click here, and scroll down. Happy weekend!

118 stamp holder carousel


2 thoughts on ““what is it?” #118 – the answer

  1. First time to your website and I saw this stamp holder. Funny, I work for the Correctional System in PA and I have one of these sitting on my desk in the Mail Room to refuse mail…LOL Our institution was open the same year the Titanic sunk so it too has many stories to tell if walls could talk.

    • HI Kim! Thank you for leaving us such an awesome comment! That baby is an antique for sure! Glad to have you visit our humble blog. 🙂

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