patriotic punch needle

A perfect summer motif, the flag punch needle shown below (sponsored by The DMC Corporation, designed by Alice Okon) is featured in the July August 2013 issue of Create & Decorate magazine.

Create & Decorate Magazine July/August 2013

Create & Decorate July/August 2013

Can’t find the issue on the newsstand? You may order a copy online!

We enjoy sharing magazine projects with our blog followers now and again to give a taste of the projects that come to your mailbox when you are a subscriber to Create & Decorate!

And without further ado:

flag punch needle

flag punch needle


DMC Embroidery floss colors in Blanc, No. 310, No. 321, No. 666, No. 725, No. 783, No. 798, No. 799, No. 987, No. 988, and No. 3820

Punch needle fabric in White, 10” x 10”

Memory Thread in No. 6020 Black, two 9” lengths

Embroidery scissors

National Nonwovens WoolFelt in No. 0579 Norwegian Blue, a 2-5/8” x 6” piece

Kunin Friendly Stiffened Felt in black, a 3” x 6-3/8” piece

3-strand punch needle of choice

Punch needle threader

7” interlocking hoop

1/2” flat paintbrush, fine-point permanent marker (black), quick drying clear water base crafter’s glue and quick drying clear fabric glue, ruler, scissors, transfer method of choice



For pattern, see below. Pattern shown is reversed for punching.


Finished size of design is 2-1/4” x 5-3/4” and finished hanger size is 3” x 6-3/8”.

1. Transfer design onto center of punch needle fabric. Place in hoop and pull taut.

2. Following Color Guide, punch design using three strands of floss with punch needle on a low loop setting.

3. Trim all excess threads from front and back sides of stitched design.

4. While design is still in hoop, brush a thin layer of crafter’s glue over stitches. Let dry flat.

5. Remove design from hoop and lay punch needle front side up. Using black marker, draw a 1/16” line onto fabric, creating a black boarder along outside edge of punch needle loops.

6. Carefully cut out design, leaving a 1/16” boarder of fabric.

7. Center punch needle onto Norwegian Blue WoolFelt and adhere with fabric glue. Let dry.

8. To make hanger, tightly twist the two pieces of Memory Thread together and bend into an arch. Attach ends to Stiffened Felt, placing them 1/2” from top and sides. Adhere ends into place.

9. Center WoolFelt-backed punched piece onto Stiffened Felt and adhere into place. Let dry. 

This project submitted courtesy of The DMC Corporation.

flag pattern2

Drag image to your desktop to print.


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