“what is it?” Wednesday #122

Yes, it is time to hone your guessing skills again and play “What is it?” Wednesday!

Take a look at the piece of the vintage item below, and leave us a comment as your guess. Stop back in for the results (and read the guesses) this Friday.


HmmMMmmMmm… what is it?

what is it 122


32 thoughts on ““what is it?” Wednesday #122

  1. Well I’ve used this when making jelly to get all the seeds out. I guess you would call it a sieve? It usually has a wooden “thingy” that you go around and round the inside of the sieve and all the seeds juice comes out and leaves the seeds at the bottom to throw out. Don’t you just love my words, I have no idea what you call that wooden thing but I have one.

  2. A thing that people use to put to tomatoes in after cooking them, they’d smash them to make tomato juice. I don’t know what its called but my grandma had one and I helped her as a little girl. Great memories of a woman I loved and respected so much. I sure miss her,.

  3. Jelly press or conical-shaped sieve! Most common variety stands on three legs, like a colander, and is shaped like an ice cream cone. You use a wooden pestle or “masher” to press the berries for making jelly!

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