from trash to treasure

Sadie, friend and fellow crafter, is pleased to share inspiration with our Create & Decorate blog readers. This functional repurposed lunch box was originally one that her dad toted back and forth to work every day. Sadie couldn’t part with the memories, and decided to take it to a recycled level with a fresh coat of black, sweetly painted floral pattern, and cloth insert! Now the lunch pail may be used for many purposes. Today we decided it would certainly make a cute sewing kit. It would be equally cute, and functional, on the back of the kitchen counter to house the likes of salt, pepper and sugar!

We are ever-inspired by the creativity around us. Thank you for sharing with us, Sadie!

I wrote about Sadie’s mother Wilma (an accomplished quilter), a few years ago, when helping Sadie sort through items for a yard sale at her mother’s lovely little home. To revisit that blog post, click here.

C&D lunch pail inspiration

C&D lunch pail inspiration inset


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