Honey Crafting (and a giveaway!)

Honey Crafting

by Leeann Coleman and Jayne Barnes,

F+W Media fwmedia.com

Reviewed by Noelle A. DeMarco

honey crafting book giveaway

No doubt you’ve heard about the wonders of honey, from its antimicrobial properties to its health benefits to its deliciousness. If you haven’t, well, in Honey Crafting, you’ll get to read about all of it, every last, golden drop.

And there’s a lot to read about! Honey is making a big comeback: there are between 85,000 and 100,000 urban beekeepers nationwide, and the term “honey” appears in 13,500,000 global searches. That’s a lot of buzz! (Sorry, that was just too easy.)

Beeswax can be melted down to make homemade candles and soap. Stir up some honey and sugar or salt to make a homemade facial scrub, or use some of that liquid gold to whip up a sweet treat—you can even use honey in savory dishes! And all these recipes and concoctions are all-natural, and make wonderful gifts, even if it’s just a small pick-me-up just for you!

Bees really are an important part of the ecosystem, and this book does a great job of removing the stinging stigma that bees carry around. If we protect them, and respect them, bees provide us with something priceless. I’d say that’s a pretty fair trade, no?

For a CHANCE TO WIN this SWEET (pun intended!) book, click here. 🙂



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