cute vintage kitchen accents

for your vintage kitchen

designed by Heather Hall

 kitchen utensil makeover

Finding the vintage kitchen pieces to use for this project may be as easy as opening a kitchen drawer! Old kitchen gadgets may also be found at garage sales or Good Will. All sorts of kitchen tools would work for this project, such as muffin tins, graters, large spatulas—even an old metal ice tray would be fun to transform.


• Vintage kitchen utensils*

• Various stems of greenery and flowers

• Burlap, drill and small drill bit (optional), embellishments of choice, decorated hang tag, hot glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, small gauge wire, wire cutters

*These are garage sale finds. 



1. Wash and dry selected pieces.

2. Create a small bouquet of desired height and width, using wire cutters to trim if necessary. Secure floral together at stems with wire.

3. To secure floral bundles to utensils with holes, take a piece of wire and run it around bundle and through utensil holes. Wind wire to secure tightly to back of utensil. For utensils without holes, use drill and bit to make small holes. Lay flowers where desired and mark location for holes. Secure bouquet onto utensil with wire, twisting to secure in back. Use hot glue gun to lightly adhere some of the top parts of floral that tend to droop when held upright.

4. Add some fun extras to your piece such as a burlap bow and stamped tag; experiment with different ribbons and trims. Adhere with hot glue.

5. Create a small loop with wire and secure it to back of piece for hanging.

tin  grater 1


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