a flashback fall favorite punch needle project

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Punch needle embroidery designed by Beverly Hotz, Editor, Create & Decorate Magazine.

We are sharing a flashback fall favorite today—a pint-sized project that is small enough to finish in a weekend, and display through Thanksgiving!


• Weeks Dye Works: Embroidery floss in No. 1094 Linen, No. 1233 Cocoa, No. 1336 Raspbery, No. 2202 Bullfrog, No. 2238 Sweet Potato, No. 3900 Kohl, and Weaver’s Cloth in No. 1106 Beige, (A piece large enough to fit in embroidery locking lip embroidery hoop.)

• Cameo Ultra Punch Punchneedle with fine embroidery tip*

• Embroidery hoop of choice

• Frame of choice (I found mine at a flea market), without glass

• Acid-free mat board (a piece to fit into frame of choice),

*Available through Punchneedle Marketplace


For a PDF of this project and pattern to print out, click here!

1. Using transfer method of choice, transfer pattern onto Weaver’s cloth.

2. Place cloth into hoop, taking care not to distort fabric while making cloth drum-tight.
Note: Refer to manufacturer’s instruction for punch needle usage.

3. Using two strands of floss for each color, and setting punch needle on 3, punch the design in the following order: one row of No. 1233 for bittersweet vine; for bittersweet berries use No. 2238—to create berries, use 2 – 3 punches each; outline pumpkins in No. 390; fill in pumpkins with No. 2238; using No. 2202, outline and fill in pumpkin stems; to create crow, outline and fill with No. 3900, leaving a row be- tween wings for definition to later fill with No. 1094 (use color photo for reference); outline leaves with No. 3900; and fill in leaves with No. 1336.

4. Remove finished punch needle design from hoop and carefully trim all excess threads from front and back side of stitched design. embroidery scissors, pencil, sewing needle, thread (to match color of Weaver’s cloth)

5. Trace outline of frame opening onto back side of Weaver’s cloth, centering design.

6. Trim cloth if necessary, leaving about 1” of fabric overlapping mat board for finishing.

7. Fold excess fabric over long edges of mat board and hold in place with fingers. First, anchor one side of fabric with needle and thread, then take needle across board to fabric on opposite side, stitching fabric in a crisscross, or lacing, fashion. Fold corners neatly and tack.

8. Slide finished piece into frame. •


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