making life easier with a magnetic clasp

We hear of such interesting craft news in this job!

Today we are sharing information about a newly patented Jewelry Clasp—incredibly easy to fasten, especially for people with arthritis and arthritic hands.

jewelry clasp

Treasure Hut, a unique, handmade jewelry provider located in Dewitt, NY, announced the newly patented Jewelry Clasp. The custom magnetic clasps are designed in three elegant patterns: a custom leaf, rose and dragonfly.  The company can also produce custom designs upon request.

Business owner and inventor Harry Stewart, who has more than 35 years of experience in the jewelry business, carefully developed the clasps over a period of three years. Constructed of sterling silver and coated with a rhodium finish, the stylish clasps can be purchased with a contrasting bright and satin finish.

The simplicity of the magnetic clasps has made the product stand out during test market experiments over the past two years. Perfect for those who have a difficult time putting on jewelry, including those who suffer from hand problems, the clasp design makes fastening necklaces and bracelets easier than ever.

(Different than other magnetic clasps, the Jewelry Clasps hold well because the beads and jewels won’t pull directly on the magnet!)

The leaf clasp includes a larger circle, which is useful for larger beads, while the rose clasp is perfect for smaller sized beads. Abstract shapes of beads can also be accommodated with the clasps, which compliment any bracelet or necklace.
To find out more about the Jewelry Clasp from Treasure Hut Jewelry, visit

4 thoughts on “making life easier with a magnetic clasp

  1. This is a good improvement. My friend lost a necklace with a magnetic clasp when it caught on something. With the stress pulling on a hinge instead, she wouldn’t have.

    • I had beautiful bracelet with magnetic clasp,went out one evening with on came back home Don’t know where was,lost it..I was so mad never again,,,,

      • We understand, Cookie. These clasps aren’t typical magnetic clasps, because they hinge over the necklace strand.

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