“what is it?” Wednesday – 135

Ready to play “what is it?” Wednesday? Here’s how:

• Take a look at the (somewhat blurry) puzzle piece below.

• Please leave your guess (of the identity of the vintage item) as a comment.

• Stop back in on Friday to see the puzzle revealed—and to read the guesses!

135 what is it

47 thoughts on ““what is it?” Wednesday – 135

  1. i am brain dead I believe called wringer washer this one is hand cranked old washer with the rolls to wring them out I know I just remember we had one that was electric and I got my arm caught in it and it went clean up to my shoulder…

  2. It’s for wringing out laundry – I think it’s called a mangle or just a wringer. You roll the clothes through the rods on the right after you wash or rinse them to get the water out.

  3. This is a set of cloths ringers . They would have been set up between two washing tubs , you wash in one tub ring out then rinse in the other tub.

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