“What is it? #137 – the answer

Welcome back to find out the answer to this week’s “What is it?” puzzle. As many of you guessed this week, the item is a turkey baster (and a glass one, at that)! We know it was a bit cheesy with Thanksgiving being this week and all—but you know us! We couldn’t help ourselves. NOW you can make out the photo of the turkey in the baster packaging background, can’t you? Question though… would you buy this glass baster at a flea market for home use? We love the old graphics, but how the heck would you clean out that bulb?

Click here and scroll down to read this week’s guesses. Happy Friday!

137A turkey baster  137B baster


One thought on ““What is it? #137 – the answer

  1. Doesn’t the bulb come off for cleaning? I have a glass one and it’s the only one I use. I can get the class super clean and the bulb comes off so I can wash that out too. The plastic ones never seem to get really clean to me. They end up having a greasy lining inside the long part. So glass is really nice to have, not easy to find now either.

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