paper snowflakes, stars, and a giveaway!

Just about everyone likes to snip away at a folded piece of paper to create pretty snowflakes to tape into a window (or two!)  this time of year. The following book will help you make those holiday flurries to a whole new level!


snowflakes, sunbursts, and stars: 75 exquisite paper designs to fold, cut, and curl
by Ayako Brodek and Shannon Voigt, Kodansha USA, Inc.

Renowned paper crafters Ayako Brodek and Shannon Voigt share their knowledge of origami (paper folding), kirigami (paper folding/cutting), and quilling (paper curling) in this pretty, fully-illustrated craft book.

Everything you’ll need to get started is right at your fingertips, with sections on basics, papers, and tools. After you’ve gathered your supplies and mastered the basics, you can move on to the beautiful projects, like Frozen Tundra, a beautiful quilled snowflake; Blaze, an incredible origami star; and Sunrise, a fantastic kirigami sunburst. And that’s just a small glimpse of what you can create.

This is a great book to try with older children, as it’s simply folding, tracing, cutting, and curling. Once they get the hang of it, the possibilities are endless. These pretty little paper pieces can be used on cards, framed, or simply tied with string and hung in a window.

For a chance to win this book, visit the Create & Decorate book reviews and giveaways page!


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