fun Linkydoodles giveaway!

As if just saying ‘linkydoodles’ wasn’t fun enough, the folks from Linkydoodles have given us some of their wonderfully fun candy cane garland to give away just in time for tree trimming! Wahoo!


Welcome to the world’s only linkable candy, and the way to a fun—and edible—Christmas decoration! Each handmade, “C” shaped link fits together perfectly so that you can create festive garland for the tree, tabletop, or mantle. Or all three! Inspired by the creator’s grandmother, and their shared Christmas traditions, Linkydoodles definitely have a vintage flair to them, and will bring you back to Christmases past as you create new traditions with your own family. Each box holds 28 pieces, enough to make up to six chains, stretching to 5-1/2 feet of garland. They are available in cool Peppermint Stripe and tart Cherry Stripe, the best of both candy cane worlds (in our humble opinion).

LinkyDoodles cherry stripe LinkyDoodles peppermint stripe

Linkydoodles candychains may also be ordered through While you are visiting their site, check out their nostalgic pages, downloadable images, and more!

To enter for a chance to win a box of these linkable candy canes, simply leave us a comment telling us the very best Christmas present you ever recieved (as a child or an adult). Merry everything, and good luck! Two (randomly selected) lucky winners will be announced on Monday, December 16th!


34 thoughts on “fun Linkydoodles giveaway!

  1. My favorite Christmas gift as a child was a basket for my bike. Not only was the basket what I wanted it was also useful. Each time my mom wanted something from the store I had a place to put the groceries.


  2. “Happy Holidays!” I wanted only one gift for Christmas, when I was 8 years old…
    The Chatty Cathy Doll was all I asked for. My dad was working 3 jobs at the time,
    so I didn’t want to ask for more than one gift. My older sister talked with me and told
    me try and understand if Chatty Cathy wasn’t under the tree on Christmas morning.
    Well, I got up that morning, while it was still dark, and there she was, tucked under
    our Christmas tree, just waiting for me to play with her!!!!!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  3. Santa brought me a little red swivel chair when I was 5. I was so sad when I got too big for it. I grew up in the 50’s and these linkydoodles remind me of my childhood. Love them.

  4. The very best gift I ever received was a beautiful red bike from Santa! I didn’t mind at all if it was my older sister’s old blue bike painted and made new again by my Uncle!!

  5. When we were little any thing we received Christmas was greatest gift. Loved to go to granpa’s work place, they had big parties. he took family, my sis & I included because granny & grandad raised us.

  6. The greatest gift I’ve ever received has to be my Holly Hobbie sewing machine!!! Just recently as an adult my mom got me another one off of ebay because we never kept it when I was younger and wanted it for my sewing room.

  7. What a neat garland! I have never seen or heard of it before today. My favorite Christmas gift is my 3 ft. Raggedy Ann that I received when I was younger. I just loved her and I still have her today! It started my love of all things Raggedy Ann and today I have quite a large collection. Thank you again for the introduction to Linkydoodles!

  8. When I was a little girl, my uncle made me a trunk for my dollys.
    When I opened it up, I found a big dolly that my Aunt had made all kinds of outfits for from scratch, using no pattern.
    I still have it, I just can’t part with it. 🙂

  9. I remember as a young child, my uncle bought me a set for my dolls. It had a high chair, a crib, and changing table. I thought it was the most expensive gift I had ever gotten and I couldn’t believe he bought it for me. I can still see myself at my grandmothers house.

  10. No contest – three paper bells covered with glue and glitter from my then-four-year-old the year my dad died. She said they were because Grandpa liked to hear music – it still brings tears to my eyes every year when I get them out.

  11. As a child I remember receiving a beautiful Ballerina Doll, all in pink with moveable joints ! She was magical to me. Now as I am older, my favorite gift is Jesus 🙂

  12. The greatest gift was my daughter, Samantha. She arrived on December 4 and was 2 months early. The doctors/nurses in ICU never gave up on her and 35 years later, I still believe God delivered a Christmas miracle.

  13. My most favorite Christmas Present was a Barbie house. Santa gave it to me when I was about 8 or 9. It was made of cardboard. It had a bedroom complete with closet and bed, of course. A kitchen with cupboards and a shuttered window opening to the living room that had a fireplace and couch. There was a sliding glass (plastic) door out onto the patio where there was a BBQ, table and 2 chairs. I wish I still had it.

  14. The best Christmas gifts I remember getting as at child was every baby doll I got! Loved playing with them all. Still have some of them.

  15. The greatest Christmas was when my 73 year old Grandmother dressed in a green striped dress, red stocking and cap and did a jig in our living room, that was over 45 years ago! She was our greatest gift that year! Still have a photo of her doing it!

  16. A baby carriage and a new baby doll. The carriage was just like a little pram, and it was beautiful! I still remember how I felt when I saw it on that Christmas morning long ago!

  17. The greatest gift I’ve ever received was my beautiful son (who is now 7…soon to be 8 years old)….I couldn’t ask for anything more. A Blessing! 🙂

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