“what is it?” 139 – the answer

Welcome back to discover the answer to this week’s “what is it?” puzzle.

What a landslide of correct guesses we had this week!

Let’s have a sing-a-long: (everyone!)

“I’ve got a brand new pair of rollerskates, 
You’ve got a brand new key.
I think that we should get together and,
Try them on to see.
I been lookin’ around awhile,
You got something for me.
Oh, I got a brand new pair of rollerskates,
You got a brand new key.”

139 roller skates

OK, well, these are quite rusty, but we’re sure they bring back many fun memories for many of you. There were a few of out-of-the-box fun guesses this week by those creative spirits who put this week’s puzzle photo into a whole different perspective. Our favorite guess was this one:

Picture 6

We love you, Pegi!

Although, we think Mr. Nelson would be awfully upset to learn that you think his guitar would be so rusty! To read this week’s guesses, click here and scroll down. Happy Friday, everyone!


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