here’s my heart—and a project, too!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we are sharing a project out of the current issue with our blog friends. This project is one from an ongoing feature article in Create & Decorate called ‘A Touch of Glass’. The beaded embroidery design is by Linda Wyszynski, and each issue showcases a special section of beading guidelines courtesy of Mill Hill Beads,

CD_Feb_TouchofGlass copy

“Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for a romantic dinner, and this basket liner (used as a bread cloth) will give the candle-lit table a special sparkle.” -Linda

Click this link to print out your set of instruction to make this Beaded Heart Basket Liner now!

CD_Feb_TouchMyGlass_Inset copy CD_Feb_TouchOfGlass_Inset2 copy

what is it 141 – the answer

Welcome back to see this week’s “what is it?” puzzle revealed!

This item may not seem very vintage, but the toy has passed it’s 50th birthday (like many of us) and certainly deserves a nod in the walk down memory lane. Although originally a boring color on the outside, it was the little cardboard discs that held the 3D color pictures that kept us fascinated for hours on end!

Click here (and then click on the comment heart) to read the guesses that were made this week. Thanks for playing!

141 viewmaster 141 viewmaster reel