2013’s top twenty antiques & collectibles list

All of us at Create & Decorate are always so very interested in collectible trends. Not that we are wealthy enough to invest in the cream of the crop, but we love the hunt for something special, and always get the biggest kick out of the discovery that what we search for is actually trending! However, usually when we are out scavenging, we don’t know what we are looking for until we see it. (We know you understand.)

TIAS.com, the online antique & collectible mall, released their annual report of the most frequently purchased antiques & collectibles at TIAS.com and their affiliate sites— AntiqueArts.com and Collectoronline.com. This report is for purchases that were completed in 2013. To view examples of the items listed in the 2013 top 20 list, visit their site at tias.com.

This category list is arranged by the volume of merchandise that was sold within that category, not the dollar value of the the items sold. Without further ado:

The 20 most frequently purchased categories of antiques & collectibles (listed by volume sold) for 2013.

1. China & Dinnerware
2. Vintage Sewing
3. Glass
4. Paper & Ephemera
5. Advertising

il_570xN.551227255_40pe Picture 15
6. Kitchen Collectibles
7. Clothing
8. Figurines
9. Holiday & Seasonal
10. Jewelry
11. Porcelain & Pottery
12. Lamps & Lighting
13. Art
14. Memorabilia
15. Toys
16. Coins & Currency
17. Music Related – (New To List)
18. Dolls
19. Books
20. Photographica

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Just for comparison kicks, below is the list for 2012 (we like to refer to see if items are trending or a consistent collectible):

1. China & Dinnerware
2. Vintage Sewing
3. Glass
4. Kitchen Collectibles
5. Jewelry
6. Paper & Ephemera
8. Holiday & Seasonal
9. Toys
10. Figurines
11. Advertising
12. Clothing
13. Porcelain & Pottery
14. Memorabilia
15. Coins & Currency
16. Dolls
17. Lamps & Lighting
18. Books
19. Art
20. Photographica

TIAS.com was voted by About.com readers as the “Best Place to Buy” antiques & collectibles online in 2011 and 2012. TIAS lists over 540,000 items for sale online and serves approximately 600,000 unique visitors each month. About 300 merchants sell through the TIAS system. The company has been building Web stores for merchants since 1995.


One thought on “2013’s top twenty antiques & collectibles list

  1. Interesting! I agree… I wouldn’t go buy what is on the list because it’s trending but I get a kick out of it too if something I’m searching for is on a “top list”.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. You all have a grand week~

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